Top Matriculant of 2016 – Zuko Sogoni

Zuko Sogoni matriculated from Dudumayo Senior Secondary school at the end of 2016 with seven distinctions. He was the first student from the area to do so – ever! His outstanding results include 91% for Mathematics and 99% for Physical Science. Zuko was an immensely committed member of our Ekukhuleni programme throughout his Grade 10 to 12 years, and was active in promoting a vibrant study group culture among his peers. He is now on a full scholarship through the Rural Education Access Programme (REAP) and studying Actuarial Science at the University Cape Town.

We recently caught up with Zuko on life at the UCT and the secrets to his success…


Zuko, how’s life as a university student?

Life here is good and on the other hand it’s not as good. I have social freedom now so I can do whatever I want and whenever I want to. That sounds great but actually, it also means I am my responsibility now. At the moment I’m coping but varsity is truly overwhelming.

What have you found easy? What has been challenging?

Studying and understanding by myself is what I find easy. I think this is because even during high school I was largely independent of my teachers. I’ve realised that many people here find studying by themselves difficult and unfortunately lectures don’t teach but only facilitate learning and assist in keeping with the curriculum.

Zuko, you did tremendously well at school. What were some of the secrets to your success?

Working hard and consistently. Pre-studying. I did as many past papers as I could. For Mathematics and Physical Sciences it’s good to do at least six papers each.




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