Bootcamp Highlights

Here are some highlights from the last Axium Bootcamp of 2016!



Since the Grade 8’s just completed Axium’s first Leadership Camp, they were eager to take a leadership role in this Masakhane Bootcamp. The grade 8’s led the morning welcome sessions, running a variety of games and songs of their creation and choosing. They also had the task of introducing next year’s grade 6 students to Masakhane and encouraging them throughout the week.


The grade 8’s also took on the challenge of pulling together a production of The Jungle Book. They learnt their lines, made props, and taught the songs to lower grades.




The Jungle Book performance was tied into Friday’s Reading Club Literacy Festival. This was a first time event where members of surrounding reading clubs were able to showcase their talents of singing, drama, and dance to the community.





Finally , amidst all of the poetry, drama, and rehearsals we got a chance to run around in the sun for a few hours for a Masakhane sports day…


Our final Ekukhuleni Bootcamp for grades 10 to 12 learners for 2016 had plenty of hello’s and goodbye’s. It was the 2017 grade 10’s Ekukhuleni debut. The skills and energy these young learners brought with them to the classroom certainly inspired the Axium teaching team. They were confident, creative and curious which made for very engaging lessons. We were fortunate to have three very passionate guests, Mike, Hayley and Josh join for the Bootcamp week.


Mike taught Physical Science, Hayley taught English and Josh taught Mathematics. Their lessons were thoroughly enjoyed by the learners and we thank them for taking the time to join us. They brought energy and fresh ideas to our Ekukhuleni classrooms. We appreciate our volunteers!


It was a huge treat for both Axium learners and teachers to enjoy Josh’s magic performances.





Amidst all the fun our learners also showed great academic dedication and perseverance. The grade 12’s of 2017 braved a Mathematics lesson using computers using Excel for sequences and series! We were also able to give congratulate our hard-working Mathematics Olympiad participants.


Another ‘hello’; Mbuyekezi, a 2015 matric and current UCT student assisted in the Bootcamp Mathematics lessons. It is always a pleasure to have our Axium Alumni join us during their university holidays.


Finally, our goodbye’s, we closed our Bootcamp with a Matric farewell prize giving and celebration. It was a special time of reflecting on their past three years as members of our Ekukhuleni study programme. Each learner was honored for his or her hard work and dedication with fun individual prizes and certificates.


The final and saddest goodbye of the week was to Sibusiso Qwesha, our Physical Science teacher of two years. The learners had an opportunity to send him off with a war cry, a few heartfelt speeches and written letters of appreciation. ‘Ta Sbu’ (as his learners affectionately refer to him by)’s caring nature, compassion and humble approach will be missed by all.

We look back with gratitude and ahead with expectancy!



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