A Long Walk to Leadership

The Masakhane Grade 8 class of 2016 went on our first Masakhane leadership camp. We’re excited about their ideas, potential, motivation and capability to take student leadership of Masakhane to the next level in 2017. Here’s what they had to say about the experience…


The Leadership Camp was at Hole in the Wall in Pioneer House.  On Friday, we left Zithulele in the morning to walk to Hole in the Wall. We had to cross the river. The water was too high. Thimna was crying, but we helped each other to cross. We were happy to cross. We went to the sea and then we made boats as groups. They taught us that when we do something together, we do it better. We went in the sea and we swam. It was very nice. The waves were too cool!

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We had some leadership lessons during the camp. The first lesson was about what habits are. After discussing that, everyone drew pictures of themselves showing what they were good at and what their talents were. After that, in lesson two, they drew a circle, and around it they wrote down things they do every day, like going to school. In the centre they wrote the most important thing they do. A great activity was writing down traits about being a leader, starting each line with the letters that spell the word LEADERSHIP.

In the evening, we ate dinner. It was rice and meat. It was very delicious. Then we played the chocolate game with knives and forks. The game was nice. We loved it and we were so happy! Then we watched the movie of Cinderella. We enjoyed watching the part where Cinderella was going to marry the prince. Then we went to sleep. Well some went to sleep at midnight, and some did not sleep at all! We were too excited to sleep. We were very happy to be at Hole in the Wall – we wanted to see everything.

On Saturday, we woke up in the morning. After we ate some yummy breakfast, we had more lessons about leadership. Topics we covered were how to be a good leader; what are things all leaders should do; what are your personal talents and enjoyments; what do you do in your life and what is the centre of it. And what are you going to do when you lead. Last of all, we discussed what will make Masakhane fun next year. There were also some drop-outs at Masakhane this year, so we discussed how to prevent that.

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After all that thinking, we went to the sea and then we ate lunch. After that we went to the swimming pool at Hole in the Wall Hotel. We drank milkshakes. They were delicious – strawberry and chocolate flavour. We also went shopping at the shop there. When we got back to Pioneer House, it was time to go. So we started the long walk back to Zithulele. We crossed two rivers. But this time it was easier. By the time we reached the end, it felt like a long walk to leadership. We are excited about being leaders.



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