Axium has a Brand New Office!

“Having a dedicated work space has been amazing on a number of levels. Accountability, productivity, efficiency, collaboration, social and team dynamics – we’re “seeing” each other much more frequently and much better.” – Craig Paxton, Axium Director, original Workspace Nomad


Naturally, Spring is a time of new beginnings. This year is no exception. For the first time in Axium Education history, we have our own office! As a growing and diverse team, we have survived 6 years of working nomadically; at home, in our very generous neighbouring organisation’s offices, in classrooms, in a rondavel, sitting on stairs and on the backseats of ‘The Axium Vehicle’.

A couple of delicious cakes marked the official opening of the new Axium Office at the beginning of October. Since then it has already become more than four walls within which to get work done. The sense of unity within our teams and the organisation has literally strengthened overnight. Our dynamic team ranges from fulltime employees, part-time employees to short term volunteers. Having this common space where all colleagues are able to charge their laptops with the same extension cord is, without doubt, a defining moment in the life of Axium Education.

Unsurprisingly, we experienced a few setbacks during the construction process. “Cheops’ Law; Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget.” – R. A. Heinlein. Contrasting some frustrating challenges, we received an extremely generous contribution from a member of The People’s Church in Cape Town, towards much needed storage facilities. Due to our vast array of educational equipment and resources, it is safe to say that without these sponsored cupboards and shelves, the new office would not be the invaluable asset it is today.

An immense ‘Thank You’ to Jabulani Rural Health Foundation for putting up with our energetic, talkative and ever-growing team over the past years. You have generously shared both working and storage space with great patience and generosity. We are ever so grateful.


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