Making Movies at MasaKHANe


‘In Zithulele we have cats. They help us and guard us from mice because mice bite us on our heels.’

For this Boot Camp, MasaKHANe set out on gathering together some of the minor and major details that make up daily life in Zithulele. With go-pros in hand and videographer Jadene Carey by their side, the MasaKHANe group went out in search of animals, doctors, shops, gwinya, hills, and Twizza to get all the footage they needed for their documentary.

Monday and Tuesday of Boot Camp were dedicated to deciding on the content of the documentary and to writing the information for the voice overs. We chose animals, football, food & drink, local sights, shops, more animals, and Zithulele hospital as the topics for the documentary. Students helped each other tweak and correct their scripts until they were happy that it was screen-worthy.

MasaKHANe loved getting to know Jadene Carey this week. Jadene brought her and her production skills all the way from the UK to help with this week’s Boot Camp and Wednesday was the day that the students started to try to emulate her videography expertise. While one group spent their time talking about the best composition of a football tutorial, others refined their skills of chasing sheep with a steady camera hand.


On Thursday, it came the time to start recording the audio voiceovers for their documentaries. With all the vocal talents of a Xhosa David Attenborough-come-Mandela, and fighting through heavy bouts of laughter, the MasaKHANe students stepped into the makeshift vocal booth and laid down their narration. Speaking is a big part of our teaching and learning at Axium. We are excited to have the wealth and breadth of MasaKHANe voices immortalised in MP3 form!

Friday was a day to fill in gaps, complete last minute video and audio, record the ‘Zithulele song’ and ‘Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika’, and to celebrate and acknowledge all of the week’s efforts.

We’re so proud of our students at MasaKHANe. The fact that so many grade 6-9’s choose to spend half of their holiday time with us at Axium Boot Camps is a testament to their commitment to their learning and development of their maths and English skills.

There are many obstacles of different natures, shapes, and sizes presented to these guys, (being teenagers not being the least of these), but it’s a constant source of encouragement for us to see fulfilment of such great talent and potential.

Documentary planning, writing, editing, video, audio, and singing was a tall order for one week, (especially factoring in a 50 minute search for a cat). Despite the long list we finished on Friday and still had time to have fun taking photos of students ‘striving towards academic success’…



Watch soon…

Keen to keep up with the MasaKHANe students? Follow their blog.


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