Meet Thuli – Beyond School Guru

The Axium career’s advisor, Thuli (born and bred in the Eastern Cape) began work in Zithulele in January this year after previously experiencing Axium for a short burst in October 2015. We’re strengthened by her commitment to career guidance, amongst Axium students and beyond; as well as her ready laugh, caring heart and colourful, baggy pants. Danielle Carey, Project Trust volunteer extraordinaire, caught up recently with Thuli. Here’s the highlight package of their conversation…


What is your role at Axium?

I spend my time amongst the older students in Axium, supporting them with their beyond school life. This involves the application for university and bursaries for students, providing them with the opportunity for further education that they would otherwise not have.

Why did you choose to come to Zithulele?

I wanted to work in an NGO that dealt with education, plus the village was by the ocean and beach… So it was a bargain really!

Why did you want to work in Careers?

I want to share the little bit of knowledge I have with learners and ultimately make a difference in their lives. I had little guidance myself at school and so I want learners to have a better beyond school experience than I had.

What has been the highlight of your year so far?

Being able to catch up with past students and see their progress. At the beginning of the year, many students were worried about finances as well as their studies, so it’s nice to see the end result – students studying at University.

What are your future goals?

I would like to continue the advancement of higher education and help students to no longer worry about how they are going to fund their studies.

If you had an infinite budget to develop a careers programme for South Africans in any age group – what would you do? In a nutshell…

Hmm… I would develop grade 9 knowledge of the careers available to them through experiencing career expos.

How do you think South Africans can support young people in their ‘careers’ journey?

They could support young people through sharing the journeys into their own careers, lending their experiences to help the next generation. Also – through donations into career schemes.

Keen to get involved in Beyond School? Email with your questions, ideas or university bursary and application contacts.


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