Spotlight on MasaKHANe

Masakhane 2015 has officially finished with a BANG! We waved goodbye to our marvellous outgoing grade 9’s and welcomed some new grade 5’s (soon to be grade 6’s) at our December Boot Camp. The whole Masakhane team, students and staff alike, all ‘finished strong.’

The second half of the year saw an increase in attendance, with children from all three schools continually coming throughout the week. English presented them with the opportunity to work on their story writing, all of which were exploding with imagination, as well as working on their public speaking.


In addition, Khan Academy underwent a revamp! The latest update includes video-education in isiXhosa and introduces a progress report allowing a better monitoring system, which tailors Khan to each student’s specific areas of growth.


Boot Camps have, as always, been both intense and fun – always a fantastic end to the term! October Boot Camp saw a multitude of songs, puzzles, maths and English being attempted. The highlight of the week was the walk to Hole in the Wall.



Although it was a hot day, the students walked there and back without a fuss, and mostly ahead of the supervisory team – who had to jog to keep up! At Hole in the Wall, they got to swim under the watchful eyes of our three lifeguards for the day. It was equally hair-raising and delighting to watch kids frolicking in the sea.

A fiercely fought out sandcastle building competition also took place – the calibre of which was extraordinarily high… We had sandcastles with intricate designs, swimming pools, bedrooms, bathrooms. One group even explained that their sandcastles were actually a representation of a castle in the sky!


The last Boot Camp of the year was met with unwavering enthusiasm from all the students, even though it was placed in the last couple of weeks of the term. One of the major highlights of the Boot Camp (apart from the singing which is always unbelievable) was the performances presented at the end of the week. Ranging from the grade 9’s portrayal of Axium maths pro, Mashiya, to the Billy Goats Gruff story, the performances had everyone engaged from the moment they started. Other highlights from the week included baking, a walk to Lubanzi beach, and of course, prize giving. This prize-giving was extra-exciting, with star students being rewarded with amazing presents from The Santa Shoebox Project.

All in all, 2015 has been an exciting year for Masakhane. The expansion of Khan on tablets as well as the discovery of new English apps means that the technology side of Masakhane is developing a whole new world of opportunities. One thing is for certain, Masakhane is going from strength to strength, and will continue to grow throughout 2016.


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