Remembering Thulile – by Siyamthemba

2015-02-18 12.10.25Thulile was born at Mpame Location. He did his lower classes at Manzibomvu JSS. In 2012, after he passed grade 9, he went to Sea View SSS to do his High School. I first met him in 2012 and we became friends immediately and started working together doing school work.

Thulile was a good example at our school because he was the school president and he also shared God’s word every day during assembly. In his life, he wanted to further his studies at university to become an accountant.

Thulile was that kind of guy who respected others. He was a very hard worker and was always coming up with new ideas. He loved people, he was honest, helpful, approachable, and he always treated people in a good way. He took good care of his family.

He completed his high school in 2014 and this year he became part of the Jump Start programme and helped at study groups. He came up with the name for the study group helpers. We are now the Paragons.

Thulile tragically passed away on the 16th of May.


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