Pausing to reflect…

It’s the middle of the year, a good time for some stop and reflect on the last six months. So that’s what we did as a team a couple of weeks ago, before we ran into the third quarter, and second half of the year two thousand and fifteen.

Here are some of our highlights, lowlights and dreams for the future…

Ekukhuleni Team

This team works with high-schoolers – teaching Maths, Science and English on Saturdays and supporting after school study groups.

Nick, Ruan and Sibusiso – Study Groups and part of the Ekukhuleni Team

Implementing the tablet project has been a massive highlight! Learners are being empowered with study guides and other materials from the internet – now easily accessible on their own tablet.

Developing the study group team and splitting into two effective ‘working smarter’ units is giving us more time for administrative and logistical work. This means we can get better and better at supporting learning!

Inconsistent attendance has been a challenge. So we’re working on this question: How do you teach and plan effectively with inconsistent attendance?

Masakhane Team

This team works with learners from grade 6-9, teaching Maths through Khan Academy resources, and English.


A team recently ran a Sex Education series with the Masakhane learners. It was great to see them engaging with other adults – and being excited by the input from an ‘external’ team… This is something we’re looking to add more of in the future.

A lowlight has been something we’re calling EDF – End of Day Fatigue. Lessons are from 15h15 – 17h15, and getting kids (and even us!) motivated can be challenging. Our potential solution? Pre-Masakhane ‘Executive Exercises’ – some pick-me-up action for the teacher team.

Mashiya (right) at work/play at Masakhane!
Mashiya (right) at work/play at Masakhane!

Nobalisa Team

This team works with Foundation Phase learners in literacy development, and runs community-based reading clubs on weekends.

A highlight has been the continually developing team spirit amongst the Nobalisa team. We are working every day to serve the kids and do our work with pride.

Developing phonics skills in young learners and using more storytelling in our lessons has also been a highlight.

The implementation of EGRA has been a challenge. Children are often seeing us for the first time and are nervous in the one-on-one sessions.

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy is helping us ask good questions when we are working with young kids. (Zothando, Nobalisa team)
The holiday programme in the library was a highlight. Children really enjoyed performing and showing their talents. (Pumza and Sekiwe – Nobalisa team)












And some of our dreams for the future…

A Computer Centre, powered by a solar system. It would be local but serving quite a few schools. The maintenance, and maybe even a computer parts shop, could contribute to the Zithulele economy.20150526_133207

Improved teacher networks and relationships – more shared ideas and collaborative teaching/workshops.

Publishing more kids’ stories!

A local radio station – think storytelling, interviews, health education, student support, local music and community news.

A cinema!

And… a well-maintained network of cable-ways to make valley crossings quicker and easier. Even a zip-line could work!


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